Web developers are always looking for new challenges to keep their
skills sharp, and a common problem among web developers and designers
is to find the right hosting platform that can provide them with all
the features they need.

Wonecloud, one of the world’s fastest growing cloud hosting platforms,
is hosting a hackathon for web developers of various levels of
expertise. All applicants are asked to register on Wonecloud and build
a fully functional and secure authentication system and stand a chance
of winning cash prizes. 

  • first place prize - $100.
  • second place - $50
  • third place - $25.

The hackathon will be judged by the top minds in this field. You can
also win other great prizes like domain names, website templates, each
developer who submits their solution will win 3 months free hosting
services from Wonecloud!

To get started simply register for an account on wonecloud which automatically enters you for the hackathon. Follow wonecloud on twitter and you automatically qualify as an applicant. The hackathon commences on the 24th of September by 09:00 GMT. 

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